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Sister School Virtual Meeting

The Sister School Project is an initiative designed to create meaningful connections between high schools in the USA and their counterparts in Nigeria. The primary aim of this project is to foster interpersonal and international relationships among students, providing a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning. Over the past two years, these schools have engaged in various virtual activities that highlight both the differences and similarities in their respective cultures. These activities include cooking local dishes, learning each other’s languages, sorting trash for recycling, celebrating Earth Week, and developing edible gardens. By sharing their experiences and knowledge on these topics, students gain a broader understanding of global issues and cultural practices, enriching their educational journey.

The vision of the Sister School Project goes beyond mere academic collaboration; it aims to cultivate a sense of global citizenship among students. Through consistent virtual meetings, students discuss crucial topics such as climate change, culture, and traditions, enabling them to appreciate and respect diverse perspectives. This engagement not only enhances their social and communication skills but also promotes environmental awareness and sustainable practices. The joint projects, like cooking and gardening, provide hands-on learning experiences that are both educational and enjoyable. Ultimately, the Sister School Project helps students build lifelong friendships and prepares them to navigate and contribute positively to a globalized world