Sahel International Support Foundation (SISF) is a non-governmental organization that focuses on shaping a future where everyone has equal opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. It is our mission to preserve and uphold and preserve the heritage and dignity of the people in Africa. We strive to ensure that every African citizen has all they need to attain and maintain a state of personal wellbeing and self-actualization.

To promote such transformative and sustainable change, we engage people at every level individual, family, community, regional, national and international. Our ability to work within the context of cultural and religious differences further engenders trust among those we serve and the partners with whom we work side by side.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve the sustained well-being of people within the Sahel region and communities, especially the most vulnerable, by ensuring they overcome poverty, enjoy good health, education and are empowered for tomorrow

Our Mission

To cultivate humanity, promote transformational development, uphold and preserve the dignity and heritage of the people of Africa

Our Values

Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. Values are lived, not legislated, We pledge to live by these core values, we shall respect them, express them in our relationship everywhere we work



We complement government health and wellness programmes through health education and free medical outreaches. Our cottage clinics provide access to primary healthcare in rural populations.


Through our sister school program, we support infrastructural and educational needs in schools. We train teachers and support poor children to access quality education

Clean energy

We light up streets and homes with clean and cheaper energy as alternatives to fossil fuels. In rural areas where there is no electricity, we provide rechargeable solar reading lamps to the students


We support rural farmers through its weed and pest control assistance, improved seedling projects, and fertilizer provision programs to ensure food security

Clean water

We provide borehole water for everyone in the rural areas and regions where there is a shortage of water so that everyone can access clean and drinkable water


We go all the way to care for the earth by planting trees and flowers through our “Greening the earth initiative” We also pick non-biodegradable waste for proper disposal